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About Our Company

Inflatable Pipe Plugs: A Safe and Effective Way to Seal Pipes

Savatech Australia are suppliers to the Mining, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Pipeline, Plumbing and Water Services and generally to many underground services industries, as well as to local, and state government departments for the provision of Inflatable PIPE PLUGS and RESCUE EQUIPMENT.

Savatech products are unique and intrinsic, to safe operations in often hostile environments and situations. Savatec products are available on quick turnaround basis, with speedy response to emergency situations, region wide.

Knowledge & experience

Professional service

Quality products

A partner to rely on

We are a division of Savatech d.o.o.. We manufacture and sell rubber products for environmental protection and rescue operations and industrial use. Our growing division was established more than thirty years ago and is constantly striving to meet our customer’s current and future needs and expectations.

Knowledge and experience

Thirty years of experience and knowledge, investment in new tech- nology, team-work and working closely with our business partners, have enabled us to develop new and exciting products and to con- tinuously improve our existing product range.

Quality products

When assessing quality of our products we carefully consider a number of criteria including environmental suitability, ease of use, design, safety, reliability, and packaging. Our production facilities are certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Professional service

A professional but caring approach, flexibility and quick delivery times combined to provide the ideal service in support of our qual- ity product range.

A partner to rely on

We understand the value of long-term partnership. Our aim is to de- velop trusting relationships, which foster success and bring benefits to both our partners and ourselves.


1/29 Enterprise Cres, Malaga WA 6090, Australia